Garrin Vakarius

Sometimes, seclusion isn't the answer.

Ability Scores Defenses Languages
STR 11 AC 25 Common
CON 17 FORT 24 Elven
DEX 14 REF 23
INT 11 WILL 27
WIS 23

Lives hinge on choices; this is the one code that Garrin has grown to follow. A druid who spent many years living as one with the wild doesn’t easily give up that seclusion. But sometimes the world makes a choice for you.

Garrin Vakarius grew up in the wild; an elf protected from the harsh cruelties of the civilized world. In the wild he and his family were spared the hatred and animosity that as elves they were subject to. In this way the first fifteen years of his life passed. But he was always made aware of the difficulties he would face should he ever be forced into human society. For the time however, he thought that he would always live in the forest. Fate often has other plans.

However, infighting would prove to be his family’s downfall. A lone elf that his family had found in the forest, Jarreth, had begun to agitate the family. He insisted that they join human society, stressing that only by becoming part of it could they change it. The family declined; Jarreth left the camp in a rage, on his way out he attacked several members of the family. With Garrin gone, he stole the family’s ancestral staff and went to the nearest human settlement. In a misguided attempt to gain their trust, he offered them two things. One, the location of Vakarius’ family settlement, and two, the family’s staff. After he had given over the staff and told them the location, they killed him.

Garrin, out honing his new-found attenuation to nature, did not witness the brutal assault. For Jarreth had given over the location to a settlement under the control of Baron Wurthag, a callous and hateful man. Afraid that a settlement of elves meant his land was in jeopardy, he sent a force to wipe it off the map. And they did. When Garrin found what was left, he fell into a deep sorrow, and chose to completely isolate himself.

And this was how the next thirty years passed. A life of seclusion, study, and meditation. Each day was spent in the care of the wild; in time the creatures of the forest treated Garrin as one of their own. It didn’t hurt that his interest in the primal spirits had taken full-fledged root, and now Garrin was a full druid; a master of the wild. Yet the sorrow of his loss never left him. In time, he began to keep watch on local communities. While he did not trust humans, he did not wish ill upon them.

However, gaining power is not something that goes unnoticed. An elite squad for the Lord Renold had apparently been watching Garrin’s maturation into power with quite an interest. They approached him while he was meditating; Garrin, mistrustful of humans, attacked them. However, they proved themselves to be worthy opponents. Garrin, impressed with humans fighting honorably, agreed to go with them. It was in this way, almost thirty years ago, that the druid found his way into the Lords service. Now he works for the lord, doing his best to bring balance to the land. Yet even now, thirty years later, he still feels that Baron Wurthang must be dealt with.

Also, so many years spent in the wild alone has made Garrin realize that seclusion is perhaps not the answer. He now keeps his eyes open for a woman, preferably an elf, that could raise him a child.

Garrin Vakarius

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