You are part of an elite guard to the lord of Malword, Renold. Due to the information provided by his new head sorcerer, Gariff, a plot to perform a ritual that could very well bring hell unto the land has been discovered. It’s up to you and the other members of the guard to put an end to this threat.

  • Players start at level 12.
  • Our standard magic item rules apply in addition to 5d10×3p.
  • These races are allowed but monstrous races (Half-orcs, Teiflings and the like) generally experience xenophobic behavior as Humans are the dominant race by far. Elves, Dwarves and Halflings are also treated worse but try and find ways to hide their distinguishing racial traits (Elves wearing hoods or hats to cover their ears, Dwarves shaving their beards) so as to not draw as much attention.
  • All classes are allowed, but certain feats (such as the gladiator set) would require that you explain how you came upon those abilities.

Lords Quest

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