Vicente Traggis

Born under a bad sign. A really bad sign.

Ability Scores Defenses Languages
STR 11 AC 27 Common
CON 12 FORT 20 Dwarven
DEX 9 REF 19
INT 11 WILL 27
WIS 22
CHA 19

Vicente’s friendly, gregarious attitude once masked a deep anxiety and crippling superstitious belief. He was born under an ominous astrological sign and since his youth had been followed by ill omens, portents and calamity; seeing them everywhere he went. People he loved would die terrible deaths, homes would burn and possessions would be stolen. It nearly drove him mad.

In a moment of pure desperation, he turned to the clergy for comfort and began looking to the Gods for divine protection. This soul-searching eventually led him upon a small cloister of clerics who looked to turn the misfortune of others into serendipity and guide those seeking help. His belief now is that fate isn’t as immalleable as one would assume and that with a little luck you can make it through most of life’s trials. The curse of his birth no longer haunts him or those around him, but he is always watchful.

Vicente Traggis

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